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Firstly, let me start by reminding everyone that we are not financial advisers and this is not financial advise. Crypto Currency is extremely volatile and risky. Do your own homework before investing in anything. We never solicit crypto from anyone on any platform. if you have received an email suggesting it is us contact us right away at

Coins Cricky likes – coins we think are really good.

Lets face it I could go on all day with Coins I like, projects that are worth while, exchanges that will never die. I could go on all day about stupid meme coins that have no fundamentals and only offer a web site and a chance to invest in something that is an inflationary mess. Woof Woof both to you Dodge and your buddy Shiba Inu. I also could go on and on about stupid coins that were designed to make the developer rich and make you nothing like Millions and Safe Moon. If you want to invest your money into something why not at least understand what the hell it is your investing in. Seriously, this guy asked me the other day. Hey Cricky what do you think about this random coin. It happened to be a really good one proper with fundamentals , a current use case and allstar a team of proven crypto professionals. I asked him what he knew about the coin and why he put his money into it and he said he only heard that it was good from a guy on tv but he couldn’t remember much other than the name. In this instance he did ok. But please because I am going to write the name of a coin down below please take the time to figure out why you like it.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)– Apex Alpha dog.

2. Ethereum (ETH) – How much money and transactions need to go down before people realize what Ethereum is and what it will be in the future

3. Cardano (ADA) – Eco system that will rival Ethereum

4. Solana (SOL) – Echo system that will rival Cardano and Ethereum. Also, oddly enough everyone like Sam

5. Cosmos (ATOM) – The internet of blockchains. One day when the world is ready for cosmos they will understand how cool it is. recent move up but it will moon eventually. Bullish on Cosmos

6. Decentraland (MANA) – The first and most developed metaverse game. It already has the most users and the most funding. Jump in to decentraland and have fun.

7. Polygon (Matic) – this token is already being used quite a bit. It is a solution to the gas fees of Ethereum as the fees are so low they are irrelivent. I think Matic will quickly shoot back up to its all time his.

8. Chainlink (LINK) – I like link because it is an essential tool in merging blockchains with each other and with real-world applications. This coin will go up!

9. Helium (HNT) – I like Helium because i do see the real world application of a decenetralized WAN system that would compete with current legacy technology. With thousands of hotspots leaving factories now the use of this network will only increase.

10. Enjin (ENJ) – the enjin token has been steadily rising and will rise further when teh STEAM play to earn games start rolling out in mass adoption.

Honorable mention The Sand box – SAND, Litecoin – LTC, Chia – XCH, !

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